100,000 Subscriber special ebook deal

A 100,000 subscriber special deal for you:

Get my Ebook bundle for only US$10 for the next two weeks!

All the income from this sale will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia.

Get it here: https://academiainsider.com/product/ebook-bundle/

I’m so happy to have passed the 100,000 subs milestone and wanted to do something to mark the occasion.
That is why 100% of the income from e-book sales over the next two weeks will be donated.

I lost my mum to ovarian cancer in 2012 and all of the sales from this offer will be donated in her memory. She was always so proud of my and my brother’s achievements and I know she’d have been just as proud of this one.

Thank you all for supporting my channel and coming to this forum!

It means so much to me.

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