A phd is not enough

First off, apologies for the title but I know it will rattle some of you.
It is actually the title of a book, Author: Peter J. Feibelman

This post is my way of saying hello and starting a conversation.
If you haven’t read the book I would recommend you do as it is about saving time dealing with non-research elements of academia and also career planning.
One of the ideas explored in the book is doing research in industry. When I was an undergrad I thought this sounded reasonable, but I have never seen a proper privatised research job that I would consider to be as involved as research at a university. I was wondering if anyone has experienced private/industry research and if they could share what their impression of it was.

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Hi Hayden P., well, you’ve mentioned a very good book here, and that, in combination with “How to get a PhD,” would be a great set of tools to help any prospective students to achieve success. However, about doing research in the industry is quite common except that industry-based researchers aren’t tenured academics/researchers. I would suggest maintaining a wider research network such actively connecting with peers or academics for example, on ResearchGate. That would be great as it might provide a wide variety of support and chances of connecting with potential collaborators. This makes PhD very interesting and rewarding. Additionally, great chances of getting industry or academic research employment.

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