Academia to industry

Hey, I am really glad to see Andy putting up a video where he is sharing his thoughts on “transitioning from academic to industry”. As a final year PH.D. student I am extremely overwhelmed thinking about the idea that I want to join industry but have no idea which positions to target. So far, I have seen two orgs - cheeky scientist and productgym (Although latter does not fully apply to my scientific background). With that being said, we all know how these orgs works and how heavy as a mental and financial liability they can be of. But I am also thinking if they are of such a mental/financial baggage then why at all these services are being taken up by so many grads. Which brings me to a point - Does that mean I should neglect the bad reviews and start taking these services even though I know it is a huge financial risk. Can someone suggest me over here what could be other ways by which I can strengthen and modify my profile (apart from linkedin) to gear towards industry jobs. IS THERE ANYONE WHO HAS TAKEN THERE SERVICES AND FEELS IT WAS JUSTIFIED.