Continuation of the master's topic as a PhD proposal


I have just finished with my master’s degree. Now I want to write a proposal for a Ph.D. application at the same University. Would you please let me know if it is okay if I want to repeat my master’s thesis topic when I am going to write for the Ph.D.? Because I want to work more on the topic to bring out a significant result of my study.


Hi Mafi,

Happy New Year! I think it’s certainly possible to continue your master’s topic in your PhD studies. I did hear some of my colleagues are exactly resuming and furthering their research in their masters. Meanwhile, I think it helpful to have in mind the following questions before you make your final decision:

  1. What’s the research gap I found in my master’s thesis?
  2. What is/are the research questions I will bring to my doctoral research?
  3. What breakthrough will I make in the doctoral research?

Also, if possible, consult your master’s supervisor or prospective PhD supervisor for more advice. They are always the best people you could turn for help. I hope this helps.



Hi Mafi
I would say first thing to do should be to have a talk with your master supervisor. I am a PhD student in the first year, and it just happened to me to apply with a topic that wasn’t accepted. After then, I found out the first thing to do is to speak with someone from university to find out if they support your chosen topic. I hope that helps and good luck!

Hi Mafi,

I’m a 2nd year PhD in the UK. My topic is a continuation of my Masters topic. I didn’t want my research to be a pointless copy and paste of my Masters (which you’re not allowed to do anyway) so I picked an area of my Masters thesis that I had wanted to do more research on but for various reasons couldn’t.

At the university where I study I had to have a supervisor before I submitted my PhD application. Once I had narrowed down my choice, I arranged a chat with my first choice of supervisors and ran them through my planned topic. We discussed if I would need to make any changes to my submission in the chat as well as the application process.

Hope that helps and good luck!