Effective way to create slides for a conference

Hello there,

I have been accepted to present my thesis at a conference. I am also working full time, so I really have little time, and I am not so good at creating power point presentations. I was thinking to outsource the ppt creation stage, any ideas whom to contact or which websites/tools can help me? Further question: is it ethical to be helped/outsource the ppt presentation?

Thanks to everyone!

For the poster, I recommend you this video: What makes a great research poster? [Good and Bad Examples] - YouTube

It is also part of a playlist that may give you some guidance.

Regarding being ethical having support or even outsourcing the presentation deck, personally, I don’t think there is any concern about this. Considering the ideas in there will be yours, from my standpoint, you are safe. I assume it is the same thing if some faculty have a research assistant only for designing the slides. It will go back and forth and change it according to your approval.

I hope I have helped!

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Hi diegoneto,

thank you for getting back with your answer! It is very invaluable. Thanks for pointing out the video, too. In fact, no further ideas will be added to the presentation deck. I also think that it will be similar to a faculty-RA assistant, and it’s good that you mentioned it, so I feel that the assumption is more validated.

Have a great day ahead!