Extraction of Data

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I request you help me suggest ways to download all the data at once from the website. Every time checking states, parameters and downloading is tedious work. Is it possible to download all the data at once?


I tried web scraping and data extraction methods but failed miserably and ended up downloading an HTML page. I tried google sheets and excel power query and had the result as an error. So, please guide me if possible.


Hi Chandler,

Yes! A very interesting site you show about “drinking water in India”. Just maybe a stupid question: is it possible to access the underlying database?
In The Netherlands you can demand access for academic research if the data is collected with public money. It’s still not easy, since you have to find out how database tables are connected, the scheme, but then you have a good insight with all collected details…. Difficult is to get cooperation of the database administrator, since they are not waiting for extra work…Maybe there is already a nice datawarehouse to on which this site is built and you may use this as a starting point for your research :face_with_monocle:. Good luck!

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