How to code & save articled to google drive, & create a zip drive for Mac Pro

Hey there! How do I code articles by highlighting? How to save highlighted articles to google drive? How do I keep organized using zip drive on a Mac Pro?

Do you want to CODE the highlight of your articles or do you want to highlight and have those highlights as your notes?

I recommend you look for software used in qualitative research such as nVivo or Quirkos. nVivo is one of the best there but Quirkos is more “personal savings” friendly.

On how to save on Google Drive and how to keep it organized, well you need to find a solution/software that works best for you. I recommend you read (Ahrens, 2022) about how to take notes. It is on my to-do list but it is very well recommended in every review that I find.

Ahrens, S. (2022). How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking. Sönke Ahrens.