Is that a good idea to use common abbreviation in running title?

I’ve published several article on journals, however, the most recent original research I am working with has a really long title. Even I tried very hard to summarize it into short phrases, the length of running title still exceeding the requirements of our target journal (40 characters in total). So, I am wondering if I can use common abbreviation in the running title, like DM for diabetes mellitus. I’ve searched for this topic through the internet, and found that it seems okay to do this. But what I really want to know is, if the editors or reviewers will mind this? I have no idea as myself a reviewer.

I would suggest that you use the abbreviations if there are supporting information to do that. Furthermore, what if after using those abbreviations you create a small legend to add as supporting file where you define your abbreviations while also providing your reasons for doing so.
I hope this helps :pray:t4:

Hi, fortuneall, thanks for you reply. I’ve submit the running title with abbreviation… and wait for the comments. If there’s any update, I will share with you guys.