Sharing Resources - Reading (Listening) Papers

How is it going everyone??

Just dropping by to share an online tool I recently discovered that might be useful to you. Recently I started using Speechfiy for reading my papers. It is an AI tool that converts text into audio. So, if it helps you, you can upload the papers you have to read into the system and listen rather than read them. The free version has no file upload limit (at least as far as I know) and the only significant thing that changes in the paid version is that you have more options for voices and you can have a greater range of customization regarding the speed of speech.

With the free version, you have to use the voices you have in your system. For Windows there are 2 voices and for Android you have 10 voices (if I am not mistaken). Oh yeah, you can upload the files from your computer and open them on your smartphone easily. A small limitation is that the app will read every single word there is, so it will read things like headings, footnotes, and page numbers.

It might not be the GREATEST tool ever but I usually use it when I am tired of actually reading but I still have something for listening while following the file. I assume it might be useful for the ones who likes to listen to it while exercising or driving. :blush:

Anyway, I hope it helps!!

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This seems to be a very helpful app😊! Thank you very much!!!

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I use Speechify and NaturalReader everyday! Thanks!

@mzainmd1 I just looked over NaturalReaders and it looks great!! The functionality for reading abbreviations and skipping headers and footers looks very promising. Thanks for sharing!!

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