The first PhD student in a new lab

Dear Academia Insider!

The PhD is with a young, down-to-earth and friendly supervisor who is starting his first permanent position at a top UK Uni with lots of top class resources.

I acknowledge that the success of the first PhD project determines the growth of the lab as a whole and the career progress of the supervisor.
This brings pressure but also adds to the support from the supervisor.

Do you have any tips/advice in your experience on how to make the most of a rare opportunity to be the first student in a new research lab?

Thank you!

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Congratulations on the Ph.D. position.

The great thing about being the first person in the group is that you get to set the culture with the young professor.

As their career progresses you can help keep the culture friendly and collaborative. The stress can make them turn a little bit dictatorial.
They are also going to have much more time for you so make the most of that with regular meetings and publoshing as much as you can early on with them,

Ask if you can help with any papers that they are writing up at the moment too.
Good luck,